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Sony Remote Commander pairing on A7RV


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I had successfully paired my A7R3 to the Sony Remote Commander. NOW, I have attempted to pair the same Sony Remote Commander to my A7RV, without success. I followed ALL steps from Sony literature and my A7RV says that it IS paired to the Remote Commander, but does not fire camera. I cleared network settings, redid the process with the same negative result.

Any thoughts?
HI; So, I'm replying to my own thread.

Problem solved thanks to a viewer on the Sony forum. Here is his/her reply... "there is a separate menu to where the pairing is done :
Network icon (green globe), 2: Transfer/Remote menu, Bluetooth Rmt Ctrl submenu. This item has to be turned on.

This step needs to be done in addition to the information provided by SONY. Maybe the Sony info. was not updated for the RV, because the step was unnecessary for my A7R3? After I added the step, I did need to re-pair the commander.
I Have down loaded the BT remote to my Android mobile phone, availably from the following link, not because it's any better then the Sony remote commander ( it's exactly the same in fact), simply because I generally have my mobile with me, but the Remote Commander can often be found in the wrong camera bag!

It seems the link didn't work, but it is from Navideck, and from the play store, search BT remote.
Thanks for the heads up! Yeah, I'm on my second Sony remote in a 3 year period, at $75 a pop. The switches are somewhat fragile.