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Soon to freeze pond


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Here on the east coast of the central U.S., things are only starting to freeze over and there are a lot of overcast days. I had just received my sd14 and was anxious to look for something to photograph, so therefore the cold was not too much of a deterrent. This is my first upload to the forum! Hopefully first of many.

With this pic, it was really surprising to me how SPP was able to pull color, it was a very overcast day. The pond had just started to freeze over.

On second thought, was it SPP, or was it the SD14 capturing the color regardless of the present lighting conditions when making the shot? I am interested in any opinions.



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I have a new SD14 coming in a few days, Robert
! My first Sigma cam!

I too, am very pleasantly surprised at the color being pulled up from this shot. It was obviously one of those "duller" days that seem to prevail in winter. However, even the reflection is showing a green coloration! I would think that "normally" the reflection would be almost black because of the high dynamic contrast in the scene.

Either a product of the sensor, or a product of the SPP processing, or a product of both - this really makes me smile.



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Well, that makes 3 of us!

In my landscape work I am always pleasantly surprised by the similarities between what the SD14 produces, compared to my own personal memory of the landscape at time of releasing the shutter.

It's one of the major reasons I ran with the Foveon technology, along with the DR.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs