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Speedlite 430 EZresults not satisfying



I am using a speedlite with my Rebel 200(EOS300) and the results I get in darker ambience are not very good.
The pictures are blur. The background often too bright, and most of all these white spots on the peoples foreheads. Can I soften the light somehow?

I use the AV mode at 1/60 shutter speed.
Any advice?
Hi Michael,

you realy should soften the light to reduce cast shadows. This can be achieved by simply flapping up the flash head towards the ceiling and you will get indirect light without cast shadows.
A better, and not much expensive way is to use e.g. the mini soft boxes or bouncers from "Lumiquest (r)" which provides a more targeted but very soft light. I use it very often.


you might want to consider getting a Speedlite EX series flash as they support e-ttl and the measurements of the environment will be better for your picture... off course this is a rather expensive solution but in my opinion it's the best one...

I don't know if EOS300 works ok with the 430EZ.
I have a EOS10 and a 430EZ and have been taking pictures with no problem for 9 years.

Perhaps you should see in the manual if the EOS 300 is compatible with ATTL and with the 430EZ or if it is only compatible with the new EX (ETTL) flashes.
In my new EOS300D the 430EZ only works in Manual mode.


Luis Chaves