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Spot metering with Zeiss lenses


Does anyone use dedicated light meters while using the Zeiss lenses for 645? Especially for landscape work. If so, which one is preferred for spot as well as incident/reflective metering? Is it worth it to buy one or is the built-in meter adequate?
For lenses outside of the 645 line (ex, the zeiss jena lenses), how do you correctly meter with the camera spot meter?

Thanks in advance
Hi Avid,

I had asked a similar question a few months ago - here is the link to that discussion.


I ended up with the Minolta Flashmeter VI for the very reason of taking pictures of landscapes and in scenes with a range of tones it works a dream. You can make quite an informed decision. I suggest you look on Minolta's web-site to see a more in depth discussion on how it works.

As for using the 645 spot meter, I've found it to be excellent - but you do need to be aware of where you are taking your reading from. You could take various readings throughout the scene and then either average them out or set an exposure to emphasise a certain aspect of the scene.

I haven't used lenses outside the Zeiss range so I cannot tell you if there is a difference in the metering.

Good Luck!!