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SPP4, SD10 and firewire?



Since I installed SPP4, I can't download my pictures directly from my SD10 via the firewire interface. What's strange is that when I plug my camera to the computer, SPP4 start automatically, meaning that my camera is recognized by SPP4, but it does not shows up in the usual SPP window (top left). I'm using the mac version.

Any of you have this same problem?


Exact same problem with PP 4.2 and SD9

Using Mac 10.6.5, connecting camera starts program but does not get recognized, no image transfer - has Sigma commented on this problem?
Thanks again...

Thanks for your response. I bought a Targus CF card reader and used Stellar to recover the files. Also tried 4.2 and 3.3 and all worked, so this will do until Sigma figures out the problem, if ever...
Clbill...I would always use the CF card reader...the firewire port on your SD10 and my USB on the SD14 are actually connected to the main motherboard...if you knock this or make it loose you can ruin your camera quickly....

Also a USB II reader will write the files faster to your computer faster than the firewire connection thru your camera...

Just my thoughts....Tony C....:z04_cowboy: