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Summicron Dual Range


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Hallo to all the board since this is my first post.
I'm an amateur photographer from Italy and I just added to my Nikon gear (F3+some lenses) a couple of Leica Bodies, IIIf and M3.
My M3 (very late) is paired with a elmarit 90 (old type of the 70s) and I've just acquired an old Summicron Dual Range (1961) for the real bargain price of less than 100 US$.
The lens is in good conditions with few cleaning marks and nearly perfect coating: the only problem is that the lens is really covered of dust.
If it was a nikkor I would have cleaned it rapidly with some lens tissue but I've heard that the front and back coatings of DR Summicrons is extremely scratch prone, even when you clean it with the proverbial lens tissue.
Any of you can suggest me a safe way of cleaning it?
Thanks for any help and congratualtions for the excellent and competent forum
Dear Paolo,

You have acquired some beautiful equipment. If it were mine I would blow off as much of the dust as possible with one of those special cans of compressed air available in camera shops. Then, using some lens tissue dipped in Kodak Lens Cleaning Fluid, I would very gently wipe the lens surfaces. Both lenses can have their optics easily unscrewed from the focusing mount which makes access to the rear element easier. Dry with the compressed air and do it all again until you think the lens is clean. The surfaces of these lenses are more robust than you might think, but just be as gently as possible.

Best wishes.