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Hi All,

well, there are many different options to shoot a sunflower. :) As I am keen on macros ... at the moment ... I thought about another way of taking them.

As I am doing experiments with my new MACRO-ADAPTER ... I tried something new.

SIGMA SD9 / SIGMA 28-80mm HF (@52mm in RETRO position!)

Exposure: / F:5.6 / ..... 1/350s ...... / ISO 200 / exposure correction (-0.5)

Well, SD9 experts know, that SIGMA's "9" tends to underexposure. Therefore, most users have the SD9 expose to a standard correction of (+0.5) ... which I strongly recommend, too.

Whenever you shoot something which contains very bright refelections, you should reduce exposure to a necessary extend.

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See you with nice pictures


P.S.: As always ... if threre are any questions on the issue ... feel free to post a question ... if you are an expert on the issue, please let me know!! :) ... I am a learner myself!


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wonderful idea, i will be trying that this summer!
at 1/350 it seems possible to do handheld, though the mantra is macro=tripod, would be nice to be able to shoot free:)
Hi Solsang,
thanks for the comment! :)

No tripod! I did this freehanded. My wife just had to hold the blade of grass in front of my SIGMA.

See you with nice pictures