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Takumar Surpise


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I got back some transparencies from shooting with the old, somewhat maligned, Takumar 300/6.3.

The Tak 6.3 is pretty much a "standard look" for the 300mm lenses of the 60s and 70s. However, it is quite light in weight, and can be hand-held for some images if care is taken. This is a pre-set lens, and I really like the pre-set capability.

I must say that I'm frankly pretty impressed with the old beater Takumar. With the proper scanning, and even a rather "no-name" lens with a slow open aperture, there is still merit in taking pictures with this old lens.

Camera: Revueflex 3003 (Chinon clone) M42

And since I was using the SMC Takumar 100/4 with the SD-14 as well, the last two macro shots are from that combination.

I will use the Takumar 300/6.3 on the SD-14 tomorrow, and see how that goes.


  • Trill Vert Red_cleaned.jpg
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Forgot the "landscape" film shot from the Takumar 300/6.3, so here it is:


  • F22_Tak_300_6_3_Floor_cleaned.jpg
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Awesome shots Laurence,
I can't wait to see more. I love the landscape shot.
Hi Laurence,

Interesting colors, the combination of the yellow and green. I look forward to seeing the 300 and sd14 combo.

good luck with your pictures,