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Teleconvertor compatibility


New Member
Does anyone know if the Canon 1.4x and 2x extenders are compatible with the EOS 300 (US - Rebel 2000)?


> The extenders are EOS so compatible with any EOS body in principle. There may be AF limitations according to the lens you use them with (f number increases with the converters). Lens image quality changes when using the converters; if you're looking for high definition best opt for the 1.4X.



Ok heres another converter question for you all, not sure if this is the same question as above as I am *very* new to what I term serious photography as in that I am spending some *serious* money on it. ;-)

I am looking at different converters and have been told they are compatible with my digital rebel. However I have been told a 3x will work just fine with my 75 - 300mm. Then advised that a 1.4 would probably be best due to the light reduction and apperture settings etc. This is where I got totally lost!

In the words of the old French Prophet HELP!


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WOW! a THREE times converter! I haven't heard of one of those since the early eighties!

Steve, please don't buy a 3x converter.
It will physically fit onto the lens/body but the results will be like photographing through the bottom of a beer bottle.

A 1.4 will reduce light transmission by 1 stop, a 2x by 2 stops, don't go any further.
Image quality will reduce slightly with a 1.4 (the better the make, the less the quality will drop) and a bit more with a 2x.

Bear in mind that any flaw in the original lens will be magnified by either 1.4 or 2x.

I actually doubt that any 75-300mm lens should have any converter fitted, if you want to retain any sharpness at all. If you must, then stick with a 1.4x.


Active Member
I have used converters on many different cameras. Canon's own EOS extenders are top quality, and expensive. They are also limited to the longer lenses and you must not try to mount them with, say, a 50mm or less than medium telephoto.

On the other hand Tamron. Sigma, Kokina all make extenders that work well either with their lenses or on some Canon lenses. But remember that the more extension you add the more quality you lose.

My bag has a set of Kenko extenders and spacers for those times when I have the wrong lens set with me and have to get macro or closer that I was prepared to do. They do work with the longer lenses, but are a sloppy fit and definitely not as sharp as the brand extender.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for your advice. I am brand new to what I term serious photography, consequently I need all the advice I can get. I do intend to enroll in a photography for beginners course at the local Uni as soon as the class starts. This I hope will teach me about aperture settings and lighting aspects etc. If there was one brand of teleconverter that stands above all others please please please let me know which one it is? If not one maybe two or three different brand names so I can check out the prices on the net.

Thanks in advance


The answer to life the universe and everything is 42


Hi Charles,

Thanks for the info I am looking at slowly but surely increasing the number of accessories etc for my bag so all and any advice is more than welcome.

Thanks again.


The answer to life the universe and everything is 42


Well-Known Member
Hi Steve,

Personally I would not actually use a converter on a 75-300mm lens. These tend to be acceptable quality on their own, but not really suitable for converters.
Teleconverters should really be kept for use on good quality prime lenses.

I have used a teleplus 7 element 2x converter and it seems to be as good as you can expect.
Tamron and Sigma also have a good reputation for independent manufacturers.

I now stick with Canon's own converters, but then I have more money now!

If you want my general advice on photography, I would say use the kit you have. Learn how to get the best from it you can, and don't concern yourself too much with acquiring extra equipment.
Too many gizmos and accessories can detract your mind from what you should be thinking about - the photograph.
Firstly learn about composition, the rule of thirds etc., books will help as reference.
Then learn about exposure, depth of field, perspective etc.
Look at lots of good photographs and analyse why they are good.

When you have a better understanding of how to take good photographs, then you will know better what equipment you need to take the photographs you want.

The class is a very good idea, it will be the best investment you can make at the moment.
Hope this helps.



New Member
I have the 2x extender. and 70-200 2.8 IS lense. I tried it with my 300D rebel and worked great.

I also agree with Matt. Try to stick with the same brand when combining converters, cameras and lenses.

I am keeping all my equipment from Canon. It may be more expensive, but you won't regreat it.



Hi Matt,

Thanks for the advice. I will definitely stick with Canon then. Also I will put the money I was going to use on the converter towards the classes at least that way when I do get one I might even know when and HOW to use it ;-) Also seriously contemplating taking a photoshop one day course being run in our area in March. I read so often about folks being able to do this and the other would be nice if I at least knew what they were talking about, even if I didnt know how to do it.

I must admit the results I have got with my Digital Rebel have suprised me. Every now and then I get some absolutely wonderful pictures. I think I am more suprised than anyone, and due to my lack of knowledge the camera auto focus is a wonderful thing. Once I have got into the classes I will hopefully know how to use the other settings. I would love to post one or two shots for advice/critqueing, sadly I havent figure out how to shrink them below 100k yet. BUT, once I have I will be more than willing to do so.

Saw a wonderful poster in the MO state conservation office today there was a picture of a deer track and underneath were the words "take only pictures leave only foot prints". Thinking of adopting that one.

Anyway thanks once again for your advice and when I have the pictures posted I would love to read your thoughts on them.


The answer to life the universe and everything is 42