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The aperture shape of Zeiss 180mm/ f2.8



Hello, recently I have had a 180mm f2.8 MMG lens and found that the shape of the aperture blades was not in qual side octagon. Does it is properly?

Merry X'mas

I found another things of the captioned. I set the aperture at f16 (which is most easy to see the unshaped octagon) and checked by the DOF button many times, the result is that the octagon aperture blades was not in equal side and also the shape have some different between my test. As it is my first MMG lens, does anyone can tell me that the aforesaid is properly or not for the Germany lens ?

I have the same problem with an 85mm F1.4. Anyone have any ideas? I don't have the time, ( or inclination ) to investigate in any detail, I'd just like to know.