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The nice lady across the street


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Hi all,
here's a portrait of the nice lady who lives across the street. I don't usually do "people" photographs, not that I don't like to but I just haven't really explored it much.
Any critiques would be appreciated or tips and tricks for doing portraiture or people photos.


Forgot to mention:
Sigma SD14 70-300 SPP2.5


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The framing and pose are good, but I honestly think the lighting is just too flat. That's usually pretty difficult to overcome shooting available light though.

I generally steer clear of people photos too, but mostly because I have a hard time sparking up conversation with random people, and worry about how they would react to my big camera in their face. And my wife doesn't like to be photographed much...
Also, the photo is lacking some contrast, and it looks like you have the green cast.

I think, you evidently have a green cast problem. Unfortunately some SD14 have this problem.

As I pointed out in the other thread as well. Just have your cam serviced for colour calibration. Sigma can fix that.


Green ....................................................... White-balanced

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See you with nice pictures



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but thanks!
Yeah I'm not big on getting attitude from people for taking their pics, but I do it for friends and family.

Looks like it's off to Sigma with my cam then...
unfortunately what I've heard is the camera has to be sent to Sigma Japan for color calibration :(

You can also just deal with it in software. If you use something like Lightroom, you can create a color profile for the camera...

Also, shooting a custom WB in the middle of a clear sunny day should get rid of it, and you can use that WB for just about everything. The pros and cons of this have been discussed at large on the dpreview forums...
Oh well, I think I'll wait a bit before I send it in, I've got another 5 months on the warranty. And I've got family coming to visit in a month so I want to have it for that, I want to give them some photos without having to wait for the film to develop.
I don't use any other photo programs except SPP and Paintbrush for resizing. But I have been using the color adjustment wheel on SPP.

Thanks Jason!