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Third party flashes on the digital Rebel



I received a brand spanking new digital rebel for Christmas, much to my surprise! My first canon af camera (I'm a nikon kinda guy for the most part) and I love it! However, I'm wondering what third party flashes will work with this one? My friend has a canon 430EZ that we tried with the camera and the digital rebel never acknowleged that there was a flash on it in A TTL mode. I tried using an old vivitar 2500 flash im manual mode and for the most part it worked okay. However, I'd like to use a flash in ttl mode with guy. Any ideas?


The Sigma 500 super and 500DG super are fully compatible with the 300D including E-TTL mode with the later being the best option as it has most of the functions of the Canon 550 ex including the wireless functions - at a lower price.
>Hi folks! I have being using the superb Metz 54mz3 with custom adapter SCA 3102 on Canon 10D and Elan 7 and it works really fine, therefore on 300D or Rebel D has to work too. Some functions seems to be reserved to film cameras but it has some other that I did not see on Canon or Sigma Flashes, about quality and power I am very satisfied. Only one thing thath has to be improved is the user manual (mine is multilingual and can be moore clear). Saludos
If people are still checking in here on the use of their Canon digital Rebel, I would like some feedback on the exposure I am getting when compared to how it appears on the LED after the image is taken. My immediate image seems to be well exposed but when I look at the file after it is downloaded, it is quite underexposed and must be adjusted in Photoshop. Does anyone know why?
Mary Lou,
I have the same issue with my Digital Rebel.

However, I loaded my images on a friends computer and they weren't dark like on mine.

I have noticed that the images look darker on my PC at work than on my PC at home.

I have been considering getting one of those monitor calibration things cause I'm getting tired of second guessing how the image actually looks.

Don't thrust the LCD preview. Thrust the histogram.

As far as calibration goes, definitely adjust your two screens to a common gamma. I have a 21 inch Nokia for my Mac and PC computers at home, and my 12 inch Powerbook screen all calibrated to a 1.8 gamma. I also try to use a common profile (Adobe RGB 1998) for image acquisition and printing. It sacrifices a bit for display purposes, but I get predictable prints and acceptable skin tones/color rendition.
The Canon flashes which work with the film Rebel will also work with the digital Rebel. I am using both my Canon 420EX and my Sigma 500 DG Super with both the film Rebel and digital Rebel. I'm not sure what the "EZ" suffix means so I can't directly answer your question.

Mary Lou