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This morning's sunrise (Dec 9)


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Up early again and here's the proof.

Sincere regards, Jim R


  • Murray Sunrise 1.jpg
    Murray Sunrise 1.jpg
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Nice Colors...

Very nice colors...I love the red/orange clouds....and the contrast between the sky and clouds, with the reflection on the lake...

Thanks for showing us...

Tony C.
Tony, it's a pleasure to share moments of my short existence on this planet. I like to believe that the golden electrified senses I experienced whilst waiting for the light are embedded in the image.

One day, these technologies we so easily take for granted and use today to share our images across the globe, might be advanced enough to even let you experience the beautiful birdsong that played as one tumultuous orchestral piece during that early morning light.

Sorry for this rambling, but I try to really get involved with my act of self expression.

BTW, the "lake" is in fact a flowing river that has been reduced to a mirror effect because of the lengthened exposure time.

Sincere regards, Jim R
Hey Jim!

congratulations!! :z02_respekt::z02_respekt::z02_respekt:

That is more a dream, than a picture!!

It is among the nicest shots I know ... and I know many!

By the way ... I am an early bird as well ... as soon as I smell a nice picture!

Early in the morning you got yourself, the scene and your photo-equipment ... nothing more!

You do not need more in such moments, do you?!

See you with such impressive pictures

Thanks for the compliment, Klaus. These places and moments I get to witness make me feel very privileged and often bring about a feeling of needing to pinch myself to check if I'm still in the real world.

Nice to read that you have a good "sense of smell" too. ;)

I often entertain the thought that anyone going to upset me that day is probably still asleep at that hour. :)

And you are right of course that the moment it all comes together at the release of the shutter, there's not much else one could ask for.

Sincere regards, JR
(...)at the release of the shutter (...)

.... I released the shutters of all my cameras thousands of times ... it excites me again and again ... since ... the number of photos is infinite but you hardly can repeat a single one.:rolleyes:

See you with nice pictures

Wonderful morning landscape, congratulations!.
I specially like the composition and colours.
BTW, which lens did you use to shot it?.


Hi, Jes! Thanks for the kind words. :) I used my 10 - 20mm zoom lens, one of my favourites.

Sincere regards, Jim R