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Thoughts upon Soviet Klones ?


New Member
This is my 1st post ... and possibly ,my last .

I have a couple of Kontaminated 70% / 95% Contax II rebuilt from spares / wrecks by Klone techs in Kloneland which I would love to share with you .

My autism ONLY embraces prewar Contax , but I could afford only Klones which surround and ground me in a kind of chaos .
No other camera , ever , has penetrated this veil of ' lostness ' including my Leicas II and IIIc and decades of Minolta SRTs .

Everything is either right or wrong . Problem is Cyrilic script is wrong , but I did not want one of those 70s insults to Zeiss Contax copies .

One Contax II now looks original with Klone shutter assembly , from a box of parts back and front from two different cameras , but all controls etc in pieces .

The other Contax II , a complete wreck - hardly any paint , brassed , no leather and suspect mechanism . The paint has been stripped and bare metal poliished , self timer removed to save using Klone parts , orignal shutter , Klone foot which had broken off , new textured tan leather .
This camera had a hard life and it is unlikely that anyone would wish to rebuild such a rat .

I also have a somewhat tired looking Contax III rebuilt from two wrecks [ matching back and body ] with painstaking work to combine two meter parts to make one .
All original other than a spring and screws .

I wonder how you feel about such cross contamination even though these are my dream cameras within my budget and never for resale ?

Respect .



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I think as long as the intention is no fraud i.e. trying to sell them as genuine then I can't see the problem. What are the photographs like fom your rebuilt contax cameras?