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Three birds of the water's edge in England


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Water Rail.(Rallus aquatics.) A relatively common bird of reed bass but it is rarely seen as they spend most of their time deep in the reeds.

Bird 2019 Water Rail.jpg

Known simply as Avocet in the UK. It is sometimes termed Pied Avocet to distinguish it from other avocet species elsewhere in the world. (Recurvirostra avocet.) A bird that is the symbol of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and which has become much more numerous over the last 20 years.
Bird of year Avocet reflection.jpg

Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus). Just called Lapwing in the UK but is also called Northern Lapwing to separate from the many lapwing species across the world. Also referred to as Peewit which comes from the sound of the sound it makes in flight. A once common bird of agricultural areas in England but which has declined more recently.
Birds - Common Lapwing.jpg


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Excellent shots. Love the colours in that lapwing.



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Lovely shots.

And in North America the equivalent of the Lapwing is the Killdeer, again named after its call.