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Three Little Birds, [not far] pitched by my doorstep


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Long Tailed Tit

Wren, singing its heart out
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Lovely shots!

As an ex-pat Brit I love seeing these UK/European birds. They remind me of home.
Beautiful little ones they are. Darn nice shots as well. Great to see.

Thank you, I'd feel the same if I moved. I'd miss the [I see them every day] beauties that I left behind.
I guess life is all about compromises. As much as I miss the linnets, greenfinches and pied wagtails of my youth, I’ve moved many times and now live in an area where an osprey or bald eagle perched in a pine, or a painted bunting or ruby-throated hummingbird at a feeder, all behind my house is not unusual.

It‘s all good.
Pretty little birds and great photos.
Pretty little birds and great photos.
Oh and I laugh at myself too for the post you reacted to.
Note to self: Drink less and go bed earlier. :oops: lol
Lovely birds and great images. All three move so quickly and often in shadow, they
are difficult to get. Well donr.
The treecreeper has escaped me often, this time I got lucky. I remember willing it to move around the tree, on its way up, to the spot that I took its photo. It was the only spot that wasn't shaded or obscured. One click and it was gone.