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Tips for using an RX100M4 in cloudy weather and low light?

Hi there. So glad this forum exists!

I was wondering if any of you would have suggestions on how to use the RX100M4 in cloudy weather and low light. One thing I have in mind is getting a backpack-friendly tripod, and I'd be interested in any suggestions.

Thank you,

A tripod is of course the best solution. But it all depends on your subject and the focal length you want to use.
If you shoot RAW and process with DxO PL6 Elite (or PureRAW3) and use DeepPrime (XD) you can safely go up to iso 3200.
As a rule of thumb use shutter speeds (in sec) faster than 1/f (where f = focal length at full frame equivalent). Thus, at e.g. f = 600 mm equivalent your shutter speed should be faster than 1/600 sec.
At the other end of the zoom range, 24 mm equivalent, use aperture f/2.4 and depending on how steady you can keep the camera 1/15 sec should be feasible.
In dim light you can also correct exposure to -1/3 to even -1 stop with the exposure compensation wheel.

Hope this helps a bit.


Btw, be cautious when using a tripod with the RX10iv, because I read several posts on the DPReview forum where tripod use resulted in a cracked baseplate of the camera.