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Today with your Pentax


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Did you take any photos with your Pentax today? Post your photos here, and include when they were taken, camera and lens used, and basic exposure info.

White Flowers by Jason Doss, on Flickr
Pentax K-1 mII and Pentax-M 100mm f/2.8 at f4.0, 1/750s, and ISO 100
This lens is incredibly sharp.

I shot this next photo over a tall fence with a shrub on the other side, both of which were taller than me. I stuck the camera over the fence for the shot and met some resistance from a branch of the shrub on the huge bulbous front element of my film era 15mm lens! Luckily, the lens has no detectable scratches, and I went over it thoroughly under bright light. So I guess all's well that ends well, but I'm still angry at myself for making such an idiotic mistake.

Anyway, here's the photo...

Waiting for Summer by Jason Doss, on Flickr
Pentax K-1 mII Limited Silver and Pentax-K 15mm f/3.5 at f11, 1/30s, and ISO 100
Todays morning Walk
Pentax K3 and sigma 10-20 F4.5- ignore this having problems
Try again! Would love to see your photo(s). Unfortunately, the forum admins don't think we can responsibly edit our posts, so you'll have to use the Preview feature to make sure your contribution is showing before posting.
Jason, Like the second tree shot, it has that "artistic rendering" kind of feeling. Very nice.
Thanks a lot for the compliment, RBIV! Thanks for viewing.

Right after posting yesterday's images, I packed up my gear and went out shooting again. This time I kept most of my images. Here's a couple.

I was shooting this at waist level with live view on the most excellent adjustable rear screen. I'm not very brave about photographing strangers, so I didn't wait as long as I should have for this guy to get bigger in the frame.

Stranger by Jason Doss, on Flickr
Pentax K-1 mII Limited Silver and Pentax-M 50mm f1.4 at f11, 1/60s, and ISO 100


Grapevines and Coneflowers by Jason Doss, on Flickr
Pentax K-1 mII and Pentax-M 120mm f2.8 at f11, 1/125s, and ISO 200