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User comments btil June 2003



Just got a new C1. It is a store demo model, so got it cheap. Thats the good news. Bad news is that there is no owners manual.

I think I can figure most of it out. Except how to set the time and date. And, once I have done that, how to I toggle the date on and off?

The lens moves out in steps. Anyone know what those steps are? My guess is 50, 70, 90 105.

If we get some light tomorrow, I will shoot some slides at a test target with the C1, a T4Zoom, a cheap Nikon zoom (28-70) and my SLR prime lenses.

One test i will do is to shoot towards the sun and check for flare. My digital camera zoom lens (Kodak 4800) is bad for this.

I have made a simple lens shade for the C1 and the Yashica T4 zoom. Same shade fits both cameras.

Shade is made by taking a Kodak plastic 35mm film can and cutting in about 1/2" below the lip. I just cut it with my pen knife and then used a file to make it more uniform. This will slip over the lens, once the camera is in the "on" position. In theory, I will now beable to aim a bit more "up sun" without flare.

If someone could explain how to ahndle the date change and the zoom posions I would sure appreciate it. I wonder if I can download an owner's manual on the web.

If this attachemnt works, I will show you the el-cheapo lens shade made from a plastic film container.
Dear Jim,

If you contact Leica at TS@leica-camera.com they will provide an Instruction Book at no charge.

The five settings at 38mm, 60mm, 75mm, 90mm and 105mm.

Regarding the date setting, if you e-mail me at jcdscott@bigpond.net.au I will attached the two relevant pages by return.


I have a new C1 that I recently purchased. I've noticed that the shutter release is a bit stiff. Has anyone else noticed this? The Leica dealer tells me this is normal. Seems a bit strange.
> I bought one yesterday. I don't find the shutter stiff, but I find the "on" button a bit stiff. On the shutter, don't forget there are two pressures. The first pressure sets exposure and focus lock, the seconf > pressure fires it.
I thought I had read a review saying there is some way (some trick or undocumented way?) to allow the C1 to remain in "no flash" mode after you turn it off and then on again later. Does anyone know if there's a way to do this? Otherwise, it seems a bit tedious to have to tap the mode button seven times each time you turn the camera on simply to keep the flash from flashing. Wondering...