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New Member
I just bought a Nikon Coolpix 2000 camera, and i really like it. its been 2 days now and there seems to be a white grain in the center(about 3/4ths of an inch from the right and top) of the display screen when i am taking pictures. its a small grain and on review the grain does not show up untill i zoom into the picture. also while making a recording on my vcr, there is the same white grain but on the tape it shows up very very clearly. i did not notice this untill today, and i was wondering if anyone had similar problems. its just been2 days since i got the camera and i havent used it much at all.
also i would like to mention that when im in the setup menu , the lcd does not show any grain, so my guess is there is something to do with the lens. any suggestions? i am thinking of returning the camera, or can i get a replacement? i bought it from amazon.com
>Sounds like a hot pixel on the CCD (the "film" chip). Send it back for replacement.

lookin into finding a used nikon 70-200 2.8 auto focus ...... finding a big spread in price ..... from what i've been able to tell ..... the "vr" is the latest and has the vibration reduction (i understand that one)..... i shoot alot from monopod so things stay pretty stable ..... then i find a little about and "s" type lense ...... seems like a desirable one with pro sports photographers...... then i find "d" and "ed" lenses which seem to be the first generation ones ..... any information or comments concerning the types .......

this is the history of 80-200/2.8 AF Nikkor Zooms:

1. AF 80-200/2.8 ED, one ring zoom, missing D-chip, ED-Gas (D = distance information, ED Glas = extra low dispersion)
2. AF 80-200/2.8D ED, one ring zoom with D-chip, ED-Glas
3. AF 80-200/2.8D IF-ED, zwo ring zoom, D-chip, ED-Glas and internal focusing (IF), tripod collar.
4. AF-S 80-200/2.8D IF-ED, additional silent wave motor
5. AF-S VR 70-200D IF-ED, addional vibration reduction
[thankzz for the information .........helpz to determine whatzz really a deal ......... i usually shoot from a monopod ......rarely hand held ........ have you got any opinionzz concerning the "newer lenzezz" ......... mozt all my nikon glazz iz old but holdz up very well for print work ........ do ya think it"zz worth the extra buckzzz..........

thankzz again ......

enjoy the ride

Hi Gazer,
I traded in my 80-200D ED (no tripod collar) to get the 80-200 AF-S, this was not due to the quality but the missing tripod collar and the slow AF movement. My recommendation is to get the 80-200D IF-ED with tripod collar which came out in 1996 so you will be able to get a used one in good condition (around USD 700-800) OR if you can afford it the new 70-200 VR - this lens seems to be leading edge. The 80-200 AF-S is either a good choice but pricing is only a bit lower than the new VR so I would skip it now.

This link will give you advice for most of the Nikkor lenses: http://www.naturfotograf.com/lens_surv.html