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Using flash with 28F


I've just bought a 2.8F PLanar and am wondering what advice the list would have about using flash with it.


>Yes, it's very easy and confortable. I have used a portable Metz for my st= reet portraits and studio strobe lights. What do you need?
My problem is that I've never really had to think much about flash previously. I've been using both Contax and more recently Canon with electronic TTL flash metering. Most times it's been set to automatic and away it goes. I suspect that this is not the case with the Rolleiflex.
> No. Obviously is not the case. You need to adjust your set camera-flash t= o work. Do you need the flas light as primary source or perhaps as fill light= ?
I can imagine both situations happening, though on most occasions it will be as a fill light in outdoor portraits.
> Ok. Once your exposure is determined deceive your flash apparel setting t= wo steps less than indicated. For ex&le, if you have an index exposure of f:= 11, 1/125 @ ISO 400, set on your flash f:11, 1/125 @ ISO 800. You will have a = fill flash light TWO zones down. You can experiment with 1 zone, 2 or 3.
One technical aspect - the old Rolleiflex 2.8 F (the TLR) has a shutter which can be set for instant flash release "X" or for prelease "M".

Today, flash bulbs are out of use, mostly.

Please be sure to adjust the lever correctly or the electronic flash will fire before the shutter opens.

Please be aware, that the Alfred Gauthier shutter manufacturing company does only work for Hasselblad today.

Despite the fact, that I'm living only some miles away, I'm not sure, whether they do any service for legacy products.

With the knowledge of the Zeiss company politics, (Zeiss owns the Alfred Gauthier "Compur" company), I wonder if they keep spare parts on stock.

The Rollei shutter of the historical 2.8 F is quite old, so be careful!

Be especially aware of contact burn caused by high voltage/high current release of not-so-modern electronic flash lights (Metz CT line, for instance!!!) - use a modern, low voltage specimen instead - Your Rollei will say "Thank You"!

For Metz, use the current CL line, e.g.

Just a sort of joke - the modern Rollei 2.8 F (witch has no X-M lever) uses a Copal shutter, which has the direction of the speed drum reversed in comparision to the Compur shutter, therefore the Rollei people had to redesign the shutter actuating mechanism significantly.

It has TTL capability, so flash use is a charm. Fill-in is not so easy, You have to use an external meter.

The clip on TTL flash meter isn't made by Rollei any more, so You have to look on the used market for one, if You want to use a studio flash.

The SCA flash atatchement module for the modern 2.8F is made by Metz, but sold by Rollei.
Cep, Just a technical point. Whilst I can't vouch for the entire CT flash lineup, both the 45CT4 and the 32CT3 are LOW voltage, not high. Of course, the advantage of the CL models(or MZ)is the additional features they offer when used with some modern cameras.
The more or less complete list:

Metz classical flash guns (the only popular one to build SCA now, as far as I know)

45CT high voltage 45CL1 low voltage 45CT2 ??? never existed, I think 45CL3 low voltage SCA 300 45CL4 low voltage SCA 300 additional fill in flash 45CT5 high voltage SCA 500

60CT1 high voltage 60CT2 high voltage SCA 500 60CL2 high voltage SCA 300 additional fill in flash

I just wanted to give a rule of thumb...

The more recent models are all low voltage. I experienced massive contact burn with a Rolleiflex 2000F, using a 45CT1.