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Video for stills shooters (also posted in the Sony Minolta forum)


Hi all.

Dirk suggested that I generate a new thread on the Sony forum to see if there was any interest is a new category for those interested in exploring video as well as still photography. The reason for choosing the Sony forum for this thread is that I had noted that I had recently bought into the Sony ZV family of video-centric cameras with the purchase of a ZV-1 and that the ZV lineup included models for 1” fixed lens as well as APSC and Full Frame interchangeable models. Sony seems to have made a commitment in this area.

Buit, why even go there?

About a month ago I was doing a presentation to my camera club about the future of the camera industry and ran across a DPR article on interviews with most of the main camera manufactures at a recent trade convention. All noted that their focus moving forward will be on the “creators”….who the heck are these creators? Well, they aren’t still photographers; video is the medium, be it vlogging or video creation. This got me curious, particularly since I shoot Olympus/OM and the three main menu segregations on my OM-1 menu are for stills, computational features, and video. I’ve always disregarded those last two areas but maybe I’ve been missing something.

SO…… my wife (also an Olympus shooter) and I bought a pair of Sony ZX-1’s to try our hand. Boy, has this been an eye opener. First, how great this little camera is, not only for off-hand video, but also for stills. And…..how the entire video process, from capture right through post processing, is so different, even the language is different. I need a lot of education, but am also excited about the challenge.

My question to this forum is if some folks, other than me would think there would be benefit to a forum category to discuss “video topics for stills shooters” not particularly aimed at any specific brand (today I tried using my OM-1 for video with a 400mm lens……made me appreciate the little ZV-1), but just to give a place for perhaps learning how to be a bit more “creative”. All opinions are welcome.
For the last decade all of my cameras have been video capable. I've even shot video intentionally but I'm not really a video guy. I have no interest in video topics for still shooters. I will rarely shoot video and even less frequently (these days) edit video. I know that I can extract stills from video. I'm just not a visual story teller. Making interesting video takes significantly more planning that making still images. I can't be bothered.

The only reason that I'm seeing this thread is because the Sony A-mount forum was consolidated here and I'm still shooting (macro) using my a65.
Gary--I like the idea, because I used to keep my video projects separate from my photo projects. I used to have three Canon camcorders to shoot every video for my YouTube channel. But the video capabilities of the E-M1X, ii, iii, and 5iii got so good that I switched to using the Olympus cameras and passed my Canon camcorders on to other family members. Now, with the OM-1 and no record limit and 10 bit codecs, use of the Olympus cameras for video is even better. And the fantastic IBIS of the small sensor cameras is another advantage of the system. I have a Sony A1 and a Sony RX-100v but I tend to use the later m43 cameras and lenses for video. Here is a one minute video of a blue heron and what I think is a nutria that I shot at a local pond yesterday. I went to the pond to shoot insects, but quickly switched over to the larger animals when I noticed them. The heron caught the largest fish I've seen come out of this residential pond, and he carried it to the other side of the pond when some walkers approached. OM-1, 150-400 Pro, monopod, 60 fps slowed to 40% for the fishing clip, normal speed for the nutria. OMLog400 10bit h.265.