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Wanted P5 for 167mt

> I am lloking for a P5 for my new toy. I would like one in very good> condition.

Well you cant have mine! Seriously though , its worth getting as it improves the whole feel and "heft"of the camera , aside from the benefits of AA size batteries . Steve

>its worth getting as it improves the whole feel and "heft"of the camera , aside from the benefits of AA size batteries<

Unfortunately he can't have mine either. I was in the converse position, I had a P5 but no 167MT, though I'd always intended to replace it and now have. It does (sorry to rub this in, G.B.) improve the feel, and also centres the tripod bush. Something else useful to consider is in relation to how I lost my old 167MT: the batteries leaked in the battery chamber and their corrosive contents oozed right into the camera electronics, destroying it beyond economic repair. It's the only time I've ever had battery leakage, and I don't expect it again, but at least if the batteries leak in the P5, the mess won't get into the camera. The only downside is that with the P5 fitted, the camera won't fit into its leather case, though that's a minor inconenience only.

> Alex, regarding your comments on the 167MT destroyed by leaking batteries. Have you ever noticed the "warranty" on most brand name batteries (Eveready, Duracell)? They will repair or replace any item damaged by their leaking batteries. Before you write this off as marketing hype, an actual Nikon F4 was replaced by an actual battery company. Of course, the best thing is to remove batteries if you're not using one of your favorite or nicer cameras for a few weeks.

>They will repair or replace any item damaged by their leaking batteries.<

You are right, and also right to remind others of the warranty of reputable companies where I omitted to in my original message. In fact, the batteries were Duracell and they honoured their warranty.

At their request, I sent them the camera body and the batteries together with my valuation, and within a month or so they sent me a cheque for the sterling equivalent of about $450. Curiously enough, I had to send them my written permission to test the batteries to destruction, as technically they were still mine! I don't know what they did with the old body, but I expect they have disposal routes where they can at least get some value as spares.

Instead of buying another 167MT (mine had been in pristine condition and I wanted the replacement to be), I added more to the amount myself and bought an RX instead, thus justifying an RX to my wife, who keeps a close eye on my photo spend, as "costing hardly anything at all". My cunning plan was to get a 167MT later and hope she didn't notice. So when a P5 came up at a ludicrously low price, I just bought it and stored it, waiting for a camera to go with it. Likewise when a 167MT ever-ready case came up, I did the same. Six months later (or one month ago), a 167MT came up in first class condition, boxed and completely free of any blemish, and I had to have it. I just said to my wife casually "Oh, this is the replacement for that camera that was ruined by the batteries a while ago." (I am trusting that fellow Contax enthusiasts will understand and not spill the beans on me.) I am looking for ways to soften her up to the idea of an AX.

It hardly needs saying, but I now routinely remove batteries from cameras and flashguns at the end of the day. I don't know if you get these where you live, but the washing machine detergent packets my wife buys have a small string bag with a draw string and a plastic securing bead, into which the detergent tablets are put for throwing into the drum. I pinch all these, and they're great for putting batteries in and keeping the different sets together.

Hi Bob ... what is dreadful about Nicads? ..... which my old 167MT used to use either as AAA or AA (in the P5), with no problems.

Cheers, Kyocera Kid