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What Camerabs and Lenses and bag for a trip to Panama


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Just wondering what you guys would take on a trip to Panama, im going to be a budget traveller. Staying in cheap hotels, riding busses and c&ing a bit, I will be carrying everything with me. Although I will have a place to call "Home Base" because I have friends in the city. I am going for 3 weeks in December.

I would like a camera bag that would fit in a decent size backpack. Not one of those huge backpacks for cross country travel, more a school type backpack but in a larger size. Any reccomendations for a camera bag or a travel backpack would be appreciated. In the backpack I would like room for the camera bag a change or two of clothes and room for some other random things.

It would be nice if the camera bag would be able to fit in the backpack, so I dont always have to have the camera bag out. Please help.

I have 3 camera bodies, but I will only be taking 2. My choices are Contax G1 which have had a while and am very comfortable with. I also have a Nikon F4 and Nikon FE, I started with Nikons and only use Manual focus lenses on them. I the like these cameras just as much as my Contax G1, but for different reasons. So help me pick two of these bodies. If you your choice is both Nikon Bodies I will buy the 105mm 2.5 to go with them and make it a decent 3 lens system.

My lens choices are Contax 35mm and 90mm. For the Nikons 24mm and 55mm micro. If you think of a lens you would add to the system please tell me.

Also what filters would you guys take? I want a polarizer who makes a good one? Let me know which ones you guys use and have good results with.

Can any of you reccomend some camera insurance I would be able to get. I need around 1200.00 of insurance, give or take a little depedning on what bodies and lenses go with me. I am 21 yrs old and a student I live with my parents. Meaning I dont pay homeowners insurance or renters insurance, so I dont know if I can get insurance through the two ways just mentioned????????? If you know of a way for me to get insurance please let me know. Also if you know around how much it will cost for my gear, thanks!

Sorry for the long post just started thinking of all the stuff im still unsure about.
Colin Thomas