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What image format to use


New Member

What formats are being used on the D70 ?

My main use will be to print 10x15 (cm) but would like to know what people are using. Is NEF really that much better ?



New Member
Formats available: JPG and RAW/NEF

For 10x15 only prints any format is ok, but yes, NEF is that much better - in quality, and in possibilities for improving and editing your images after the shot...


New Member

I recently purchased the D70 and am very pleased with it. I've been a photo enthusiast, on an amature level for many years. I would like to explore macro photography. Any suggestions on lens, macro ring etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dan


Active Member
I have a question regarding macro/close-up work: At the point of 1:1 repro with my Micro-Nikkors (60mm & 105mm) mounted on a film camera, will the the lens to subject distance be different when mounted on D70 or D100?


New Member
I'm a new user with Nikon D70
Frustrated and need help. What do I set my camera at for taking Action Photos for Lacrosse in door (arena-poor lighting). Can someone please help.
ISO Setting
F Stop
Sports mode
Flash? no flash?


Active Member
> Jackie, you are, alas, in a difficult situation given the poor > light and the fast action requiring a high shutter speed (to avoid > blur due to the motion).

So, set your ISO to 800 or higher (the higher the number, the more light sensitive the chip is, but the "price you pay" is higher levels of noise (which looks like grain in film).

You should use the fastest aperture (the lowest f-stop number) your lens offers. This may be an issue if you are using the "kit lens" that came with the camera - if you can get a lens that goes down to f1.4 or 1.8 or at least 2.8 you'll be better off. Set the camera to Aperture preferred mode, so it will select the shutter speed based on the aperture (which as I said, you should set to the fastest possible).

Not sure if sports mode will do anything special - other than put the camera into motor-drive mode (so you can take a quick sequence of shots).

Flash is probably a bad idea for two reasons: first, it will only be useful for a limited range and second, it can prove distracting to the players.

Good luck - I hope this at least helps.


Well-Known Member
I might also add, shoot a LOT of pictures. There is no way to know control your subject matter or to wait until you see a good shot to shoot. If you have seen a good shot, it is already history. You can not roll back time. "Delete" is a sports photographer's best friend.

A couple of years back, Sports Illustrated had 11 of the world's top sports photographers at the SuperBowl. Collectively they shot over 16,000 exposures, for the handful that were published. The editors complained about how many were not sharp.

Sports - even when the light is perfect - is perhaps the most challenging specialty in photography. If it takes a few games before you get your first "keeper", don't be discouraged. The guys at the SuperBowl probably had a couple of centuries of experience among them. It takes loads of practice, and loads of culling. There are no shortcuts.

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