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What lens after the Zeiss 35mm

>=20 >=20 >=20 > [I would go Macro, may be at 100mm focal length so it can also double as > general purpose telephoto. Kaisern > ] >=20 >=20 >=20
Go Macro?? There are no 'macro' lenses in the G-series, nor is there a 100mm. Wrong forum, Kaisern.

I'd have to agree with Trisnadi, the 90mm seems like a good choice for a second lens to complement the 35mm. And the 35mm is a damned versatile lens, IMHO.
>=20 >=20 >=20 > [Sorry, I did not pay attention and I thought it is for Contax SLRs. For= G > system, I will do 21mm after the 35mm. Kaisern] >=20 >=20 >=20
No question in my mind that the 21mm would be my next choice. Ultra-wide angle suits the kind of photography that I like. Even though, I use the 21mm sparingly, it is amazing to me how many of my best photos were taken with it. In case you're wondering, I use the 35mm and 45mm lenses for most general photography.
the best explanation i've heard (lifted from www.dantestella.com) is this:
35mm is both eyes open, glancing at what you see. 45mm is one eye open. 90mm is the detail you see with one eye open. 28/21mm i have no idea, i don't 'see' that wide.
if you're hunting detail, check out the 90mm. if you are seeing things with slightly more detail than the 35mm but still not 'wide' you are looking at a 45mm(actully a 48mm ) planar. if you are a horse, you'll be happiest with the hologon!
On a somewhat related note, is there any way to determine by looking at an image at what focal length it was taken? For ex&le, if a wide angle lens was used, the perspective seems more natural if the photo is held closer to one's eyes.

Obviously the compression and lack of DOF associated with a telephoto stands out, but the difference between a 20MM, 24MM, 28MM, and 35MM (for ex&le) does not always seem readily apparent (especially if the photo may have been cropped).....or perhaps it is all just intangible experience??

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!