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What's Next?


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Everyone is pretty sure the R1 will be the top of the line Canon camera. It will have a body with built in grip, and the biggest, best sensor Canon can make. Said to be coming for sure before the Olympics.
But what will be the next body style? We have R2, R4, and R9 to play with. What's your guess?

If I ran the outfit I would make the R2 just like the R1, only in a standard body. Then my R4 would be the APSC version of the R2, and would be the true successor to the 7D mk2.
For the R9 I would do something different, build a R8 class camera with a rangefinder style body. Don't know if there's enough demand to pay the freight on this one, but there's always people asking.

And that's probably the reason why I'm not the head of a multi-billion dollar company. :)

But what would you do?