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When making vids from bursts of still images at 20 fps -- have you found a way to stabilise the image between shots used?


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I recently returned from the Maasai Mara where in addition to taking many hours of 8k footage I also took a series of burst actions sequences at 20 fps and in addition to process a selection of stills I have converted these into short video sequences at 50% and 75% playback speed.
Since I shoot Nikon Z9 8K in N-RAW I use DaVinci Resolve 18 Studio (DVR) -- now I am back "home" I am looking for a way to generate a more stable look for these images -- I will deal with colour/lighting differences - but now since I was shooting with a 400/2.8 on a panning plate on a bean bag the image jumps when seen as a vid and so I am looking for a way to "stabilise" the subject as it moves from frame to frame. All images are full frame full res and so I can easily crop within them to create a stabilised end result.

Is there a tool or way that I can do this in DVR that you have used for this purpose?

Here are a few examples: