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Which film for scanning



I have been using the G2 for 2 weeks (after reading manual carefully). Love it, but this is not a point and shoot camera. Results are stunning.

Anyway, now I want to scan either negatives or slides into computer for photoshop. What is recommended: negative film or transparencies for the best results.

Any advice appreciated.

I have been tracking the G2 thread myself and the answer to this is also very important to me in my decision to buy a G2 setup. I currently have a Canon EOS 5 and two excellent lenses, both f2.8. But the bulk means they get taken and used less than they should. The point is do I go digital; with depreciation and mpixels always travelling in opposite directions! (I do like the Nikon 995) Or go for a G2 and transfer by scanning. I've been a photographer since the age of 11 (24yrs!) and truly love using slides. According to Amateur Photographers opinion forum; it would require an 80-megapixel camera to equal Ektar 100 film! - something to digest I think? Also I love the little Ricoh GR-1s or v, but must take account of the T3? I recently sold a digital Leica digilux1 the focussing drove me barmy; lots of missed family shots that were truly excellent but for the focus, so again this is critical in the G2 decision. I would value some informed advice on these matters as I know there are many Nikon and Canon converts out there. Good shooting James

actually these are 2 different questions, discussed in 2 different threads.

The first one about when to switch to digital and the resolution of film vs. digital. You find there some comments alraedy in the "digital corner"

The other question, originally from Jonathan is more which film is the best for scanning. My own, very little experience in this question is that I get very good results with slides.

I have read on different internet pages that it would be more difficult with negatives. If you look in the link section of the digital corner in this forum, you will find great resources for this discussion.

What I realized already that it is not a just a question about negative or slide. Even among slides films there are products which were specificall developped for optimum results in scanning and others not.

As an ex&le the Fuji Velvia is quiet difficult to scan compared to the new Provia 100F (RDPIII).

But do njot expect to get the same impressive pictures an paper, that you can see with your slide projector!

I have been using a Ricoh gr1v, and a yashica t5, and scanning trannies from both, using a nikon ls1000 scanner, ten years old, albeit with upgraded silverfast software; the results are stunning with tranny film, but not quite so good using negs; the way round this is to use neg film, and have it scanned professionally to disc. Not cheap, but worth it it. best using Fuji velvia.
Hope this helps