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Hello , i am new to the LEICA FORUM but am a member in the MF forum .

I have a KONICA RF with three Konica lenses and only shot one film with that camera .
Here is a question to all M8 users : can the Konica M-Mount lenses be used with the M8 in the same way than all LEICA M-lenses ? ? ?
I am planning to buy a LEICA M8 and want to be shure before i buy .

Also , i have read many negative reports about different issues with that M8 .
Are these issues solved in the meantime ? How satisfying is the current state of the quality ?

Regards Jurgen

I just read a very favorable article in the Shutterbug about the bugs being taken care in the M8. The big problem with Magenta showing on black materials is attributed to synthetic materials. Since late November the new units have new hardware and firmware to correct the problem. However, during their test against a Canon5D the M8 showed "warm" to them, a photo of white doors and a yellow house. ???

Older M lenses need to have a 6-bit code applied to the lens flange to reduce vignetting and off center problems. Lieca is only coding their lenses according to the article.

I am going to look at another M8 in the next week or so. My first impression was great, with the exception of the noise it makes rewinding the shutter. I wasn't expecting anything but a slight click when I released the shutter. To me it sounds like an auto winder advancing film.



Thank you very much for your posting , which initiated me an intensive trip through the net .
My intention , when going digital , is , to use as much of my existing gear as possible .
I found a lot of rafraf + blabla but also very valuable comments .
I understand , that LEICA will of course not encode available M-Mount lenses from ZEISS , VOIGTLAENDER and also KONICA .
I also understand , that the M8 will also work with not encoded lenses but to obtain excellent image quality , especially in the wide angle
range , an encoding will be mandatory . Any much cheaper camera would then produce much better images .
I do not quite understand , why encoding is required to recalculate vignetting .
The image circle of any M-Mount lens (ZEISS , VOIGTLAENDER or KONICA and LEICA of course) is big enough to cover a 24x36 film format . The M8 sensor is much smaller .
So there should not be any vignetting .

No matter what the answers will be , i will definately not buy a LEICA M8 at present time .
Might be , that one day , a small company will encode all non LEICA M-Mount lenses , and by that time the M8 might have no more teething trouble .

As i do love the design and make of the M8 , it might be worth to be patient and wait an other year , to see how the M8 story goes on .

Regards Jurgen

To correct even more angle problems when they designed the camera, they reduced the size of the sensor to 18x27mm 25% smaller than full size because the lens back-focus is only 27.8mm, which increases the angle issues with a sensor.

The other big lens issue to me is that I really have a problem accepting the cure using IR filters to correct a color issue when using an expensive high speed lenses.

It really puzzles me how Leica can apparently produce a beautiful camera that has color problems. I realize it was an undertaking to use their existing lenses by coding them, but most likely the least expensive way for them to produce it. Unlike Olympus that produced new lenses for their new 4/3rds system. BTW Lieca produces lenses for the 4/3rds system. Apparently they are selling well and the company is making some money finally. Some pocket point and shoot cameras produce good color.

I agree about waiting as you know how fast electronics change. Just pick up a 6 month old magazine much less a two year old one and look at how many new cameras are no longer made.

A few short years ago I wrote that I thought an M "digital" was an oxymoron. I still feel that it is a contradiction as it is such a mechanical marvel that produces striking images.


Thanks Gilbert

For your detailed information and for opening my eyes . I konw , that some of my decisions are very emotional , and as I find the design of the M8 just beautiful , i was very near to buy it .
I have had enough trouble with my CFV and i think i should not look for new trouble .
I do hope , that our aussie friend Simon will read this thread . He also is very pleased of the M8 .
I will be watching the M8 progress and keep in touch .

Regards Jurgen
The M8 is a wonderful camera. Funny how people who use it have good things to say about it and people who haven't recite chapter and verse wht they've read on the internet, primarily written by others who also haven't used the camera. There is little vignetting with uncoded lenses. The color is fine with RAW images and the WB is much improved in jpg's with the 1.092 firmware update. It amazes me how a group of people condemn a product based on 'what they've read on the internet'. Mine has been functioning since I received it in November. Go over to the Leica-user forum and you'll read all kinds of favorable things about the M8.

Have a nice day.

Please check it out and see if it is a rosy as Robbie implies I think you will find it is not.



It amazes me how a group of people condemn a product based on 'what they've read on the internet'. Mine has been functioning since I received it in November>

No one condemned anything Robbie, and specifically noted the since November things have improved. Perhaps you should actually read the the article I referenced, the latest one of many and remember yours is not the only one! I have also spoke to the Leica rep for about an hour. In my view a $4800.00 camera should work like a Leica. Or a Hasselblad.

BTW: Your premise as to ownership is an unfounded fallacy. Two, if the internet is so bad why would to recommend an internet site that by nature would tend to be biased? Three mind you I referenced a periodical article. As with all information you need to consider your source, just as I did with the articles conclusion about the color problem. Many times when people purchase expensive automobiles, they feel the need to justify their purchase and don't mention problems or the cost of maintenance and repairs. Finally, Jurgen well knows how it feels to get a bad one as he mentioned.

As for the Leica website, I joined when it started.

Robbie couldn't you have just told us about your experience without the condescending insults.



Thanks for the 2 very interesting links .
I think the information from the first link will help me , to encode my KONICA lenses and also the owners of the wonderful ZM lenses .
BTW , looking at the LEICA homepage , you can find a hint as follows :
You can use not encoded lenses , but then you will not have the advantage of enhenced image quality and other features .

As my KONICA lenses are currently at my other home , i will have to wait , till i get there again to pick them up .

Regards Jurgen

I have been rereading many comments .
Although the given method of encoding non Leica M-Mount lenses is a working one , i would prefer a more professional solution . Also the IR Filter solution does not have my full agreement . So i definately will wait and carefully watch the hopefully good progress of the M8 storie .
Regards Jurgen

Sorry to say , but I just can't access the above given links any more .

I am back to the LEICA M8 in my thoughts and would like to come back to my problem .
I have an excellent KONICA RF and 3 lenses with that camera .
I am ready to buy a LEICA M8 body , but would very much like to konw , what happens if the lenses you use , KONIKA , ZEISS ZM , or any others , are not coded ? ? ?

Is there anyone who has experience with that issue .