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Which projector suitable for filming


New Member
We are planning a studio shoot with a subject on a sofa. Behind the sofa we are placing a large screen where we will display animations on.

Q: which projector will give us the best result (flicker/colors) or the least problems?
I think you should go with a led projector because they're pretty cheap even for a full hd model. I have a Happrun 1080p projector that I got for around $80.
You're going to have to test.

More than likely the projector will flicker. Typically when you DIM the brightness it will flicker more so start with it at 100% brightness level. Then if there is Flickr you're going to have to try small adjustments to shutter speed and see if you can chance upon one that lines up. Until you get into the very very high end expensive stuff, wild syncing will be hard? If you have a camera that has GENLOCK in you may have a chance. What camera are you shooting with?