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Why Canon?


New Member
I chose Canon Rebel XT because it gave me more bang for the buck. It is a great 8 megapixal camera with full auto as well as manual if you choose. I am a beginner so I do a lot of automatic but have started to play around with the different settings. I have a long way to go but am having fun learning.

I chose Rebel XT after reading a comparison to the Nikon D40. It seemed to me that you got more features for less money and have been quite happy so far.

I just got back from a cruise to the Caribbean and was more than happy with the pictures I got from the Canon.

I chose the 50D because I used to have a Canon 35mm long ago......just getting back into photography.
Why Canon at all

Several years ago I knew I had to decide which system to get into. While I have always liked Nikkor glass, Canon's sensors were so much better than Nikon's. Now I have a decent outfit that I'm used to. I couldn't afford to switch if I wanted to, which I don't.
iGot Canon

I could not afford a good camera so I got a Canon. Joke!
I had a Canon A1 back in the day but never liked it too much, switched to Contax and when I found the older Zeiss lenses could be used on the DSLRs I got a Canon XTi, loved it and upgraded to a 50D.