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Why worry...


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...about where "everyone" is. When I was working, Deryle and I had a meeting with a neighborhood group and the next morning the chief asked how it went. "Went well, chief. A lot of interest. A lot of good questions," Deryle said. The chief nodded and said, "How many people were there?"

Deryle paused and said, "I didn't count." I laughed and said, "Deryle, when there's two in the front row and three in the second row you don't really need to count. And you were right. They were very interested, asked a lot of good questions, and will pass on information to their neighbors." We all laughed and the chief said, "I'll bet they bring other neighbors with them next time."

We might be few but were interested and opinionated. I've also seen some good photos. I'm also old enough to remember when people from around the world couldn't get together like this.

We happy few. Thank you for being here for me.