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Wireless Flash Setup Question



I currently have the ST-E2 transmitter, 2 550-EX and 1 420-EX. I want to set up a 3 flash set up where 1 550EX as my key into an umbrella; 1-550EX as fill into a photoflex softbox; and I want to use the 420 EX for background/hairlight.

The ST-E2 only allows setting flash ratios on A-B channels. I know the 550EX has A, B and C capabilities, but I don't want a 550 to shoot on camera and the off camera shoe cord is too short to use it on an umbrella.

My camera is an EOS 3.

How can I control the lighting on the background light if I use the 420EX? Or is my option to use a 550EX as a background/hair light; set it to Channel B and manually control the FEC on it?



I hope that someone comes up with an answer to your question because it is a situation I expect to find myself in soon.


Review your user manuals for the EOS 3, ST-E2, 550EX and 420EX because these accessories were designed to be used together with the EOS 3. Also, when Speedlite 550EX is used with the EOS 3, you can fire a modeling flash for 1 sec. at 70Hz, by pressing the depth-of-field preview button to preview the flash effects before taking the picture. Even with multiple Speedlites, the modeling flash fires according to the flash ratio you have set. E-TTL wireless autoflash can also be used with most other Speedlite features, such as FE Lock, FP Flash, Flash Exposure Bracketing/Compensation, and Stroboscopic Flash. Set up your lights as you described with your 550EX Speedlites on the bounce umbrella and softbox while your 420EX is on background duty. Use the modeling flash to set your ratios for the lighting effect you desire. Use the FEC on 550EX softbox light to control the 420EX hairlight/background output. I hope this helps