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Worth buying an ND


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Not sure if anyone reads here now ...... But is it worth buying a N Digital these days..... I have an N1, with 17-35, 24-85 and 70-200..... (oh and I have a Canon 5D set-up !!)
Contax ND experiences

its a great experience working with the ND and all the nice lenses from the N1.
Please not that you can get the best quality with low ISO-settings.
Its usefull to use fast optics or flash.
In my experience the ND produces images which are in another (higher!) league than a Canon 8 MPixel APC. Maybe the lenses do this or the sensor or may be both.
The ND is a little "imperfect": you have to wait a while after turning on an you will get only 3 Picture per second and then you have to wait a little bit. Sometimes a picture gets wrong - because of internal software problems.
Batteries are not a problem in these days if you buy the best AA`s you can, Eneloop are also OK.
To transfer the pictures to the PC you have to use a card reader - I have never get it running to transfer with firewire but card readers are fast and cheap.
I would say for a Contax fan everything is fine and the imperfection is OK.
If you are more interesting in please let it know.
Hi, thanks for the feedback. I had done some reading up and it's limitations were not off putting. I thinking to use it for landscape and architecture type pictures, which in my main interest. So low ISO is not really a worry, perhaps will push me to use my tripod a bit more once a put a PL filter on the lens !

I always use a card reader anyway, quickest way I find. And good AA batteries are no problem.

How it would compare to the 12mp Full Frame Canon I have in the 5D remains to be seen. I already use Canon's best lens offer in the 17-40L and 24-105L.

As you say working with a Contax has a nice feel, I still think the auto/manual focus system is the best I've ever seen. Hitting the button with your thumb when you want auto focus is a great way to work.

Hmmm I'm still tempted to try one. :)
Hmmm I'm still tempted to try one. :)

If you can get one. They always were rare and now I see only one offer when I have a look at the web - my old "friend" Boris Jamtchik of shphoto in Nuremberg who wants a prohibitive 3000 Euros for a never used ND...

Greetings, Hans
I've still not decided whether to take the plunge.... though seen a couple a lot cheaper in slightly used condition......800GBP a good price ?
Well two years on I have now picked up a very nice hardly used ND ..... The use experience is great, feels like taking real pictures. Though the I guess the success rate is still higher with the 5D, just means I need more practice.
ND Owner

Hi, I am new to the forum. I just purchased a ND and 3 lenses. I need to get the Instruction manual in Englis or a xerox copy. I am trying to figure it out in the meantime. I just retired fro shooting weddings after 38 years and bought this for me to use on vacation and for family events. Its a beautiful camera and I have patience as far as not being so fast in seeing what I have shot. My email is: dmansour@sb-nj.com

These cameras are fun. I have one. I got it from Adorama a few years back and still pull it out of my cabinet once in awhile to take a few shots. I now use a D2xs for the speed and reliability but the ND takes pictures like non other. There are people out there that still use them. Check out our flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/673869@N20/