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X-700 and 360PX


New Member
Hello all. I’m new here. I recently picked up an X-700. I had one years ago and traded it in when I switched to auto focus. Missed it ever since and was thrilled to get another one. It came with the multifunction back and motor drive 1. I also picked up the 360PX flash for it. Now here is the issue: when the flash is not in the hot shoe, it will test fire just fine. In the hot shoe, it will not fire and it will lock up the camera in all flash and camera modes when the power switch on the flash is on. If I shut the flash off, then the mirror returns and the shutter closes. It does this with or without the motor drive attached. I can’t imagine that it’s from testing without film in the camera. I do not have Cable OC to test it that way. I’m aware of capacitor problems locking up the shutter and film advance but it all works fine without the flash. I think it’s a flash issue but would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks!!!


New Member
Hi Steve.
I am just about to sell my X700 and lenses plus a 280 and 360 flash.
If by chance you are in the UK and wanted a 360px on sale or return to confirm whether its camera or flash I am sure we could come to some arrangement.