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XH2s - Wireless tethering

Having switched to an XH2s and a GFX50sii from Sony, the only thing I am missing is the really easy wireless tethering.

Anyone got any good solutions?

With sony you can just have the images pop up in imaging edge as you shoot - no wires or add ons.

I don't need remote control or edit capability - just for the images to pop up on an ipad as I shoot so my clients (dancers) can verify they are happy with their body positions - I don't need rating it doesn't have to be high resolution.

I know there is CamRanger 2 - but aside from being an irritating expense, it's quite a chunky annoying thing attached to your camera when you are used to free and easy wireless., and I'd probably just forget it and use a cable to capture one mobile.

Anything I am missing? I think it may be possible for images to transfer to the fuji app, but I think you lose camera control on the body? I literally just need the last picture I shot to appear, and then get replaced when I take the next shot.

Thanks for any ideas
I always use X-h2 and X-h2s tethered to mac via usb cable in lightroom, using Fujifilm plugin pro. you can use it wireless, connecting both the camera and the computer to the same network (you need to create a connection and configure it for tethering , just google for it, it take seconds) don't expect a fast transfer, it's slower than recent sony. i often use my phone as AP, but you can use your home/studio router.
i bought the 999$ FT grip hoping for better speed, but actually it's not much faster even using a router with 4 antennas.
if you only need to transfer your shoot to computer and you don't need Lightroom you can just use Fujifilm X-acquire