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Zeiss 85/1.2 - 50, 60 & 70 year version



Would anyone tell if there any difference on 50, 60 & 70 yr version of 85 f1.2. How do compare the quality of them. Thanks.

there is no 70yr version.

The 50yr version is AE, the 60yr is MM.

Other than that both are identical.

I have the 60yr version and it is superb. Beats the 85/1.4 by far.

Hi Jens and LS,

I've only just caught on to the existence of these lenses and the 55/1.2. Do you know what kind of prices they usually change hands for? The 55/1.2 had an original list price in excess of 7000USD according to the only reference I could find (http://www.genkin.org/contax/lenses/p5512.htm). I assume being limited edition lenses with reknowned optical performance, these lenses will hold most of their original value or, heaven forbid, exceed it.


-= mike =-
> [.. Hi folks, about the price of the 55/1.2 I saw in the last 3 years 2 lenses for sale on KEH and another one on ebay The price was for one $ 2,500 and the other 3,500 and if I remember correctly they were in near mint condition. Good luck Franco ..]
Hi Franco,

Thanks for that info. I suspected it might be that kind of level, which is a shame as I could never justify that kind of money. On that kind of money I could buy a decent Leica M system and have some change left over. I guess it would be interesting to compare the optical qualities of the two Zeiss lenses against the Leica f/1.4 optics, especially wide open. Sadly, I doubt I will ever get the chance to do that kind of comparison first hand. (The extra half stop of the Zeiss glass is neither here nor their AFAIC.)

Best regards,

-= mike =-