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A former DPReview visitor from the UK


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When viewing photographs taken by others, I like to know where photographers are based so as there is no place in the profile to put it I'm posting it here. I started off photographing slides of aircraft back in the day, changed to steam railways and added birds and wildlife when digital made it possible and cheap. I have travelled a fair bit chasing steam and birds. I enjoy taking photographs for my self rather than to show other people but my subject choice was widened by entering the challenges on DPR.
I'm afraid I tend not to comment widely and don't knowingly post likes (as the big data people can tell too much about you from your likes). I discovered this might be perceived as rudeness in the modern online world but I'm too old for all that! If the pictures I see posted are good, be assured that I enjoy them, albeit quietly. I try to offer suggestions when I have something to contribute and some people don't like that either. Sorry if my attempts to help cause upset, that is never my intention.