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A great view on a warm summer day


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If you look very carefully, you can just see a buzzard sitting atop the bales of grass, This bird of prey is pretty rare in these parts but he/she comes back to this very spot each season. The image was shot on an IR-adapted Pentax K-5 (630nm wavelength) in raw and processed in Darktable and Gimp.
  • 43.0 mm
  • ƒ/5
  • 1/500 sec
  • Pattern
  • Auto bracket
  • -1.3
  • ISO 100
We also have buzzards here, but it is very hard to get a decent photo of them. During the COVID period when traffic was greatly reduced, they seemed a bit more willing to come closer (like a lot of other wildlife at that time), and usually they would stay put if you merely passed by on a bike from a reasonable distance and kept moving. But if I would stop to grab a camera, I would not get more than 7 seconds before they would find it suspicious and fly away.
I can often hear them while they are soaring in the sky, profiting from the rising heat of the nearby highway, but again it is hard to get a good shot of them in flight.