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ABOUT White Balance with the SD14


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Edit MOD: Because this thread ran out of topic, I moved it here (from "LANDSCAPE").

See you with nice pictures


Photos of any landscape....


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Hi Rich,

really a nice and atmospheric shot! :z02_respekt:

What do you think about another white balance ... a bit more brightness and the RGB-histogram tuned up slightly?!

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See you with nice pictures



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Your an inspiration.... I'm learning all the time and you have just proved that.

I'm amazed.... Your white balance is perfect.

May I ask, the in-depth detail of how you done that and what program you used.




Hi Rich,

really a nice and atmospheric shot! :z02_respekt:

What do you think about another white balance ... a bit more brightness and the RGB-histogram tuned up a slightly?!

View attachment 349

See you with nice pictures

Hi Rich,

no problem ... I am going to show you, what I did!

First of all!!

There is only one, who is perfect to develop a photo and that is the photographer himself! He/she is the only person, who really knows colours and moods, as they really were at the moment of shooting the picture!

I now can only estimate, what might be realistic .....

But ... cameras are not always perfect. I know the SD14 as relatively reliable with white balance and colour accuracy. In this case, the WB seems to be wrong to me ... slightly green/yellow shifted?!
Did you use "AWB" or another WB-setting?
All cameras do such mistakes ... by the way mentioned!

Another important point .....

I do not know, which software you use with digital picture development?!

It really does not play a role! What I am going to illustrate now, can be done with any software available ... it is very basic image processing!

View attachment 396

Here we are ... this is the way, it looks ... slightly "sinister" and yellow ....

View attachment 394

The next step, I reduced "colour temperature" to around 4400 Kelvin .... in easier words ... I made the WB colder ... that is more blue ....

View attachment 395

Next step ... I darkened the shades slightly ... this makes the pic more plastic and three-dimensional .....

View attachment 397

Finally, I strengthened the "yellows" in colour intensity and darkened them a bit.


So, I find this picture well balanced.
More imprtant is, that you feel comfortable with the result?!

Just do some experiments! ;)

See you with nice pictures



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Klaus, Your a great help. I thank you so much.

This photo I did shoot in AWB and sent it straight to the Sigma software, but that is where it stopped for me. I felt like I didn't want to change what the camera has recorded so I converted it with-out any changes. But from now on I will pay closer attention to my eyes and realise what needs changing and what doesnt.

From the point you picked up on the white balance I can truly see where your coming from. The photo originally really did have a shift in white balance.

I cant wait to start experimenting. I went into my garden today and took a few photos of some plants. I will add one here now... then later I will add the edited version. I hope I have the skills needed.

Oh well here goes.....

Again thank you.

Richie.. :)


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Here we go, I done this in about 5 minutes. I haven't added any different sharpening to it from the original, all I done was added a little saturation, contrast, highlight and dropped the shadow a little. I also used the X3 Fill Light, I bumped that up a tiny amount.

I think it gives it a more vibrant and clean feel to the photo now.

What do you think?




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Hi Rich,

well done, as far as I am concerned.:)

Hmmm, do all your SD14 pictures have this (comparatively strong) yellow touch?!

Can you post an unchanged (all slisders on zero!) shot, done with "AWB" which shows something "bright white"? (a T-shirt, white wall or something similar).

If all your pics should be that yellow balanced to the same extend, I would recommend you to send in your SD14 to the SIGMA service.

It is no long-term fun to correct all your shots!


I just did this shot with my SD14

View attachment 400

Just out of cam ...daylight... ISO 100 "P" Exposure no further corrections.

Sure ... much to dark due to underexposure ... the cam gets it grey ... it cannot evaluate this very bright scene. Automatic light metering always does this mistake.

More important: White MUST be white now! If there is any tint, the cam does not white-balance correctly.

View attachment 401

Now, I just brightened the shot to a realistic extent but did NO colour corrections.

Let us check, whether your SD is alright?!

Rich, could you post a similar test-shot?!

See you with nice pictures



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    sample 15.jpg
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    sample 15_1.JPG
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Unfortunately the light out side isn't exactly daylight right now so I have had to put up with my normally well lit room.

The settings on the camera are all set to zero basic settings (RGB colour space) ISO 100 and program - P on the top dial & AWB.

The first shot is a full white page the second is a half white page with a half natural yellow page attached to the piece of paper.

What do you think.


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Hi Rich,

The AWB (Automatic White Balance) should cope with your light situation and balance towards neutral "paper"-white. What I see here, has a clear yellow-touch.

You should repeat the test with daylight ... but I suspect, your SD does not balance correctly.

This should not be a problem since it is brand new ... :)

Check all your pics so far! If all of them show this mistake, get your SD serviced!

See you with nice pictures