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Adding lenses



How does adding lens to my C740 work? If I attach a CLA-4 lens tube does it make it a 55mm sized slot so that I should look for a 55mm sized lens then? (And use step-up rings if I need larger diameter)
There are so many lenses in
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would SLR lenses work on a digital camera?

Hope I don't sound stupid, I'm sooo an amateur


I have no idea with regards to your digicam, however you won't be able to use Olympus OM-System lenses (the ones listed on that link) on your camera (It's not an OM-System camera).


If your camera is anything like the norm, the 55mm thread is for adding supplementary lenses such tele, wide or macro attachments. Olympus does a range and there are some available from independant manufacturers. You can also attach colour and polarising filters and I guess there would be nothing to stop you using the square Cokin filters too with a 55mm mount.


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SLRs have interchangeable lenses: you take one lens off and put another on to get different angles of coverage, wider apertures, etc. Every SLR line has its own lens mount; you cannot normally swap lenses between an OM-4, a Canon EOS, a Nikon, etc., though you can swap lenses between different bodies, film or digital, within one family.

With the exception of the new E-1 (which has a new lens mount), no Olympus digital camera has interchangeable lenses. You can sometimes augment the range of a digital camera's built-in zoom by adding wide-angle or telephoto adapters, which attach in front of the lens (and which normally require lenses with threaded front elements to hold these adapters or filters). I don't know offhand if such adaptors are usable with a C740.

I assume that the "lens tube" you refer to is an extension tube, normally placed between an interchangeable lens and camera body for ultra close-up work. Without lens interchangeability, that won't work, either.


Thanks everyone.
And yes, the CLA-4 would just enhance the current built-in lens and allow for filters.

Am more enlightened now!