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Advise on price please


Active Member
I am very willing to become owner of a leica, (currently with contax s2). I found an m6 with summicron 50/2 at 1800USD, Is that a good price, please gimme your feedback, it would help me to make myself clear about that !

Are you going to be selling your S2 as I may be in the market for another Contax Body. My second CX body is currently a 139Q which is getting a bit old. You can contact me through forum if this is of any interest. Wilson
Welcome Marcos,

A bit on the high side in my opinion even if in mint condition.


Before buying used, I have been useful to check the prices of keh.com, a reputable dealer that offers 60 day warranty and is conservative in its grading.
Good luck,

prices vary,it depends on the place where you live and conditions
Here in Italy a M6 mint condition plus 50mm summicron cost about 2000 euros which is about
USD $ 2451
Well Thanks to all,
Its makes my ideas a bit more clear.

PS: to Wilson, yes I'll probably will be selling my S2, but not before I switch to Leica, I'll let you know.

If that's a TTL model... the price isn't too, too bad at all.

If that's not a TTL model... the price may be about $200 too high.

Its not a TTL,

Are there any known weaknesses at which I should look at, i.e know issues to verify particularly ?

The TTL model is important if you're going to be using lots of flash in your work. If not... it's not a big issue.

I use the Classic version and find it fine for my style of shooting. Most Leica M users tend not to use flash anyway... however, for the odd time, it could be a useful feature to measure the light TTL.

It's akin to Leica M users not using excessively long lenses...a 90 is "usually" the longest lens most folks shoot with. But, there are "those" times where a 135 would come in handy.

So, the bottom line is... it depends on what "your" needs are.

Hope that helps.