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Amy (dachshund7)


New Member
I'm a life-long photographer starting with film. I settled on the Canon DSLR system around the time I joined dpreview around 2002. One day I saw a Fujifilm ad and was stunned that there was a digital camera that looked like my old film cameras. I'm now fully into Fuji including the GFX system. I do landscape, portraits, and whatever grabs my attention.

I'm still flabbergasted that dpreview is retiring. Just the equipment database alone: it's like a reflex. How heavy was that lens? How many megapixels does that camera have? Does brand X have a Y-Z zoom lens... But we'll all be OK.
I am so impressed this site has been set up so quickly. Kudos and heartfelt thanks to all involved. I am a beginner photographer of 5 months, aged 61. This site has been an extraordinary place of learning for me. i have been learning onan old Canon 350 D DSLR, but have just purchased a used Sony A 6000 with the kit lens. Looking forward to developing my skills.
Hi Dachshund7 & COYL


I am so impressed this site has been set up so quickly.
Thank you for this compliment. :z04-whip2-1:

I do run photocommunities since 2002. So this is not my first one and over the time you become more and more efficient ;)