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Another DPR refugee


New Member
Hi all, another wanderer from the vanquished citadel of DPR.

There seems to be a handful of new and established forums (fora?) welcoming former DPR-ites. I wonder which will flourish?


Hi Yidam,


They all will florish. :daumenhoch:

It would be naive to believe, that in 12 months time there would be only one successor of such a big forum like dpreview. Users come and go, users change their mind, new users join. There have been tons of alternatives already during the dpreview time and it will be the same way also in the future.

Do net fall in the trap that you have to decide for the rest of your life for a forum. I know that some people try to push dpreview users by hijacking and bad-mouthing every posting about alternatives. :teufel-grinsend-schwanz:

Relax. Look at ALL alternatives and decide later what YOU prefer the most. ;)

Choice is good and nothing bad :z04-yes: