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Are the G2 & its lenses working well under the cold weather


Hello everyone,

Just curious. Are the G2 & its lenses working well under the cold weather like winter? Have you any experience with this? Please share your experience with us. Thank you very much in advance.

Kian-Guan Au
No problem at all.
My G2 had visited the winter in the northern Japan (-10 degree C), the chilling Canadian alps and Norway. By the way, please beware of the preformance of the battery. You better to have a spare battery in your pocket near to the body since the voltage of the battery will be dropped in low temperature.
>[..Hi Kian-Guan The AF function of my G2 did not work while the mountaineering ski tour in Japan. The temperature was about -15 centigrade and G2 was in my back-pack. It should not expose in the cold air for long time. (I had same trouble of AF with Richo GR-1s.)..] Sumio Koseki
More likely the cold affected the G2's battery, not the autofocus. Did you try warming up the battery, or changing the battery to a warm one?

Mark Edwards
Hi Mark >More likely the cold affected the G2's battery, not the autofocus. Yes, it is correct. Actually I had spare battery, but I couldn't change it at that condition :) If I wore enough big jacket to carry my G2 inside, it would be better for batteries. It's depending on the situation.
Dear Kian-Guan,

I used the G2 during a trip to Hokaido, Japan in winter 2 years ago. It worked just fine. There was a night I were shooting some ice shots and I felt if my fingers were going to fall down. The G2 seemed to tolerate the cold weather better than I^^.

After caming to New England I have used it in cold weather as well, and there was no problems at all.

Just remember to have some spare batteries.

Regards, Shu-Hsien
I've had mine in fairly cold weather--perhaps 20 deg F--and have had no camera failures. My biggest annoyance is that the viewfinder tends to fog up, and is quite difficult to clear off.

I generally carry it slung across my shoulder with the opposite arm through the strap, in a Zing case. This keeps it reasonably warm.

I have to agree taht the batteries are the deciding factorto this issue. Go to a c&ing supply store (sporting goods) and get yourself an insulated bag. They come in all sizes. This is a popular item among ice fishermen. The bag will keep the batteries and camera warm. These thing not expensive at all. $20 US dollars? If a camera store where selling them, it might be a different story.
Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and tips with us.

It is good to hear that the G2 and its lenses could stand the cold weather except the batteries.

Thanks again.

Kian-Guan Au