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Batteries for the SD14



since the original Sigma batteries are kind of expensive but nevertheless do not last very long during a shooting, I was looking around for good alternatives/additions.

The Sigma batteries are basically the same as the well known Minolta NP-400 for all Minolta DSLRs (5D/7D).

But since these DSLRs are a little "outdated" nowadays, you will find those not often anymore.

There are many cheap "no-name" alternatives out there from China and Japan, but you risk a lot with them. The Cells are normally good, but the power-protection system is the problem. They very often use cheap versions and you risk with this, that your battery can explode (it does not have to, but this is a real risk).

If you remember the big hassle, when Nikon tried to get back many batteries for their D70 and Dell also had problems with a significant number of specific notebook batteries, you know what I am talking about.

The company Ansmann is a well known German company, who produces under their own label (and sometimes for the label of big names) batteries etc.

I had a talk to them about alternatives for Sigma users. They produced in the past the NP-400. This fits also for Pentax K10D by the way. But they ended the production of the NP-400.

What they recommended me was a newer model with almost the same technical specifications, but improved in various aspects compared to the NP-400. It is the battery for Pentax K10D called A-PEN D-Li50. This fits in Pentax K10D, Minolta 7D, 5D and also in my Sigma SD14 :)

View attachment 81

It is 7.4V and 1400 mAh. They improved the capacity after beeing charged many times. Normally, The battery looses more and more power, the more often you recharge it. After 200 times for example, you really do not get anymore the same long-time power fully charged as it was at the beginning.

View attachment 78

So this was improved with this Pentax version compared to the NP-400. But at the end of the day you have to be aware that after around 300 cycles of recharging, you have to look for a replacement with all DSLR-batteries.

Ansmann is normally not very cheap. It is not a no-name company :)

But there are times, when you find really good offers. I just bought 2 of those batteries for 24.- Euro each at www.computeruniverse.net. And I bought also the Anssmann battery charger there for 24.90 Euro (official price is around 60 Euro).

View attachment 77

The battery charger is called Ansmann Digi Charger plus and takes DSLR Li-Io batteries and normal rechargable batteries. And in this charger a connection for the car is already included for free ;)

View attachment 79

View attachment 80

So you save a lot of money if you compare prices.


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Thanks, Dirk, I will look into that here in Australia and see if they are available here.

Sincerely, Jim Roelofs
Hi Dirk,

thanks a lot! :z02_respekt: You did my work!

I just wanted to present the "NP-400 trick" the other day .... you did it faster!

Well, really .... "SIGMA" BP-21 type accumulators are absolutely identical to "MINOLTA" NP-400 types.

The only difference is, that NP-400 is much cheaper than BP-21!

Again .... thank you very much for this very useful information! ;)

See you with nice pictures



One thing! can i use the Sigma charger for this NP-400/D-Li50 or do i have to by the dedicated charger?, thinking of getting these!.

Hi Mats,
I use both,the Sigma charger and a no-name one,and have charged the
Sigma batteries an the replacements batteries in all possible combinations
with no noticable differences.
However, you should keep in mind that the full capacity of those batteries
will be reached after several charging cycles.Say 5-7 as a corse rule.
This is the kind of information that increases the usefulness of this forum! MANY thanks for the post!
Hi Larry,

DITO! Uwe is right! I have two very cheap additional loaders and very cheap additional NP-400s, too. Absolutely no problems with them!

This is the kind of information that increases the usefulness of this forum! MANY thanks for the post!



See you with nice pictures