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Buy Panasonic g9 or g9ii


Hi all,
I'm looking to get a body that is weather sealed. I recently had a couple of close calls when out and caught in rain storm. I was thinking about the g90/95, but the g9 used is compelling. I know that the g9ii has 25mpegs whereas the g9 has 20. Would I notice à difference if I don't print? And there's a new focus system in the new version. I would use it for birding and other outdoor activities. I can get à used g9 for about 1/3rd the price of the g9ii. Is the g9ii that much better? BTW, I don't shoot video. Any thoughts?
Thanks, lepewhi
I have a G90 and a G9.2. Both are great. The G9.2 is better. Not only for the extea. Mp, but the focus is wonderful. The preburst, the 8 way joystick, the…i have shot with the old G9, that was good, but the new one is better, much better. Buy into proven new technology. The camera is a joy to use. Results are very good.
Thanks, that's what I'm thinking. Will probably wait for Black Friday sales. It's not like I buy à camera every day ;>)
Make sure that you take the G9ii in your hands in a shop before you buy. It is totally different in size than the G9 mk1. A lot bigger. The G9ii has the exact same body like the fullframe Lumix S5ii.
But, as I understand, the weight is the same? But I waffle, I'm considering the G9 original, as I'm not a pro, and the original is good enough for me. But, if the mkii come within reach (financially) before Christmas, who knows?