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Announcement CI joins DPRF


Dear members,

we will merge/import our sister site Camera-info.com (CI) into DPRF. Nothing will change for the DPRF members.

We will have some "maintenance mode" for this within the next couple of days. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please bear with us. As soon as we have finished successfully, we will announce it here.

I will post here the announcement I made on our sister CI site:

Dear members,

in December 2012 we sent you an email about the drastic changes in the photo industry of the prior 10 years (2002-2012). Obviously our view on the future development of the photo industry was right. We said:

"Reflecting the past, we do think that also the next decade will be contingent on change. We just do not know which brand will survive, which one will merge or what kind of technological innovations will change the industry again"

See here:

Olympus is no longer producing cameras and lenses. Olympus sold their photo division in 2021 to OM Digital Solutions. Hasselblad shrunk even more.

Fujifilm launched a successful Medium Format line and their APS-C sensor X-system is doing great. Sony gained a lot of market share with their focus on mirrorless cameras, Leica, Panasonic and Sigma formed the L-Mount alliance for their fullframe cameras and lenses.
All brands do offer now mirrorless systems with new lens mounts and new lens designs, except Pentax.

As you can see, even without almost 3 years of Corona, the whole photo industry was turned inside out over the last decade.

But if that would not be already enough, also other parts of the photo industry changed dramatically. The two biggest Review sites worldwide close in 2023. First DPReview announced in March its shut down and a few weeks later Imaging Resources website just disappeared with any further notice. This shocked many users.

As you know we created a successor forum for all old DPReview users with our sister site DPRforum.com and this is doing well.

So, we again look at the last 10 years, again a decade, and think what would be the best way to proceed in the future for all of us. We decided therefore to change the name of Camera-info.com into DPRforum.com and import CI into DPRF. We think that with this step, we will be better prepared for the future.

Do not worry, nothing gets lost. All content, all users with their email addresses and passwords will be imported. Nothing will change for you except the domain name.

We will do the first tests over the next couple of days. If no problems occur, we would like to do the merger this week-end (Saturday/Sunday, 12.5.-13.5.). CI will be from time to time in "maintenance mode" for this. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please bear with us. As soon as we have finished successfully, we will announce it here.

Your CI-team

The merger is completed.

All content, all users with their passwords and email addresses were successfully imported.

In case a user was registered with the same email address in both forums, we will merge his account into one with the DPRF username as the "master"

In case your old CI username does not work, try the username with number 1 behind it. Example: If username "alex" does not work, try username "alex1".