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Contax ND

just get a card reader, like a firewire version. it is the easiest and most convenient and u don't have to mess with what u are doing
Me again. I should give some quick info back to you guys at least. This site has been extremely helpful. My N Digital came with Raw Data Dev 2.0 and two CFs with the 1.07 and 1.08 updates and several pages of explanation in an additional plastic bag to the original CDs and documentation. I got the body and the 24-85 in a trade-in for my old RTS III and Linhof Technikardan 23s outfits - and still had to pay a couple grand. Ouch. But I am getting the hefty promo rebates back.

I ordered a couple of Lexar 24x 512MB CFs, supposedly the fastest thing around. I'll let you know how they compare to the Kingston 128MB ordinary variety I currently have. Also on the way is a Maha charger with two sets of their highly-rated 1800MaH batteries. That Sanyo charger is truly pathetic. The first time I charged the batteries, the light went off after about four hours, as predicted by the manual. I put them in the camera, and got about 1.2 seconds worth of power, just enough for the camera to gasp before dying. I charged them again, this time I took them out before the light went out after about another 4 hours, and was able to play around, but they just died again after maybe 12-15 shots and lots of playing around with the menu and display. So, back to the AC.



Thanks for all your picture postings and discussions on the net - they were very helpful.

I am using the SanDisk CF reader - do you think it is somehow corrupting the data in the files? Do you have the make / model for the reader you use?

Thanks again,

if the card reader is working with a flash card that u used with a canon g2, it should also work with the contax card. this camera is very sensitive to batteries and their condition. first thing first, call contax and order battery clips. i use three extra. the number is and the extension is +1 (800) 245-8979 , crystal 4361/4475 parts. then get some battery charger, try this one http://thomas-distributing.com/mhc401fs.htm. this one charges each battery separately and u get the best charge this way. use the slow mode as nimh get more juice this way. i just updated to 1.08 and i do like the colors a little more. this camera will take a while to get use to, so just go through the motions for now.
Problem sol-ved! The old "old driver" syndrome. I updated the CF reader driver, which probably got carried over from my W2K to XP conversion, and the problem has gone. Thank God for stupid problems. I think will get a Firewire reader for the speed, though. I still can't believe the Contax software doesn't let you transfer images from the camera CF - everybody else does! Maybe Raw Data Dev 3.0 ...

BTW, that's exatly the charger I ordered and where I ordered it from, with the 1800MaH batteries - you are psychic.

Thanks again for all your input - now for a long shooting week-end (I took Friday off :). I'll check both 1.07 and 1.08 - currently 1.07 is loaded.

Like Dr. McCoy said in Star Trek the Motion Picture... "It's like working in a damn computer factory!"

Do you really like the picture quality?

The RTS III is worth something in trade, and will be for some time.

Dana Curtis Kincaid Contax G-1 www.pinnaclesys.com
Yes, I was kinda disappointed too that the camera is not recognized as a mass storage via FireWire connection. I am sure that it is the firmware that to blame. Perhaps Kyocera wants to please us one day by releasing Firmware 2.0 with in-camera resolution setting change and full computer transparency. Am I daydreadriming?
The 1.8 upgrade was worth the wait.....shooting everything at standard except Croma+ gives outstanding results at jpeg 1!!!!The 2.0 Raw developer has good control over finished tiff file...love the 16 bit tiff file save!!! I'm getting a overall magenta cast on file when opens in photoshop....doesn't show in 2.0 preview...anyone else having this problem????
Bert, did you use the same color space (sRGB vs. AdobeRGB) in R.D.D. and Photoshop?

Having gotten mine last Wednesday, I'm still in the testing and learning mode. It figures it would rain all week-end long! I've been playing with it and watching TV, getting used to the controls (great ergonomics!), settling the batteries in by draining and recharging, and taking some flash and low-light long exp shots.

Things that bug me a little (or a lot!):

- The fact that you can't compensate more than 2 EVs really, really bugs me. (RANT mode on) Why???? Almost every other camera can do 5. How do you place a shadow or a highlight conveniently? Sheesh! I thought this was a camera for creative imagery! (RANT mode off)

- Can't display the current ISO quickly that I can see

- Can't save the ISO as one of the custom mode settings

- Can't erase in shooting mode

Things that really impressed me:

- I can't believe how smooth the manual focusing is, and how it integrates with the auto-focus.

- Overall handling and controls. Sure there are compromises as there must be, but they for the most part made excellent choices - that's tough to get right in a complex device like this.

Overall, this camera is an absolute delight. Cheers!


When you say that you are settling in the batteries by charging, de-charging, I'm not sure I follow you. I thought one of the big advantages of the NIMH batteries is that they have no "memory". If this is not correct, please let me know! Thanks,